A 20 minute drive and 900 questions

  • Mom, where are we going?
  • Are we going to the movie store?
  • Are you taking back movies?
  • What movies are they?
  • Are they for me?
  • Did I watch them?
45 second pause
  • Why does Shadow Man not like Jesus?
  • Why did he kill Ray the bug?
  • Isn't that mean?
  • He stepped on him mom.
  • He doesn't have Jesus in him.
  • Why? Why does he not have Jesus?
  • Ray went to heaven to be with Jesus.
  • Actually mom, Ray went to Peter Pan.
  • You know, the second star to the right.
45 second pause
  • Mom, why is tinkerbell sick?
  • Why is she sad?
  • Why her wings don't work?
  • Why the lost boy bear sad for her?
45 second pause
  • Are we going to ballet class?
  • Did you do dance when you were little?
  • What kind?
  • What was your teacher's name?
  • Did you were shoes?
45 second pause
  • Can I call Logan a girl?
  • I want him to be my twin sister.
  • I will call myself Emily
and on and on and on.....


  1. I love every question. Abby reminds of Becca when she was a little girl. Non stop talking and so many questions. She blesses our hearts. Keep talking my dear sweet Abby!

  2. HILARIOUS! You know the second star on the right!!? ha ha ha.