Air Show

We live about six blocks from a small airport and Logan loves all the planes that fly overhead. So yesterday I took the kids to the air show. It was a little adventure. I knew that it would cost me $7 to get in. I have a five dollar bill and two dollars worth of quarters. After parking two miles away in a rocky dirt field and hoisting my double stroller over about 900 rocks I arrived at the entry gate. I pulled out my money, only to find that I was missing a quarter. One quarter! The woman at the gate would not let me in. I was shocked! I pulled my stroller over to the side in search of my missing quarter. I felt silly and annoyed that I'd made all this effort and I could not get in the door!
A man was standing near me, so I put my dignity aside and asked him if he had a quarter. I explained my situation, and then for some reason I started to cry!!! I felt so foolish!! The man must have worked at the airport because he gave me a free entry ticket. I wiped away my tears, thanked him, and (with very little pride) walked into the airshow.

haha. John just about died when I told him this little story!

The kids and I had fun watching the planes do their tricks. Those pilots are amazing!!!!

Abby begged to do this big slide. I wondered if she would chicken out. The man said I didn't have to pay until she actually did it. She was so brave! She climbed right up and slid down. The slide is steep and really tall. The look on her face as she came down was pure terror. Once she was at the bottom, she started crying hysterically.
The man did not make me pay.
Since I still had my $6.75 in my pocket, I bought Abby her favorite--Cotton candy! Everything was a-okay after that!
Here's the little man watching the planes.


  1. Love it! That slide looks like a sky rise slide. I would be afraid too!

  2. Looks so fun, and frusterating--- You're post made me cry. I miss you and your kids- they are so beautiful! I am so proud of Abby, what a huge accomplishment. Weston did that last year. He went on a giant twisty water all alone. At the end, he look terrified and NEVER wanted to do it again.

    That woman at the gate is ROTTEN! I don't like her. She is TERRIBLE! She must not have kids. I'm so glad you asked for help and didn't give up! You are awesome!

    I love love love you.