Dance Class

Today was a mommy milestone. My Abby started her first extracurricular activity.


I wondered if she would be nervous. I wondered if she would freak out when all eyes were on her. I wondered if she'd be able to warm up to her teacher quick enough. I wondered if she would be okay when I left the room.

She did AWESOME!

I walked her in. I introduced her to her teacher. I showed her around a bit. She asked me for a prayer. I embraced her and said a prayer. She gave me a kiss and I walked out of the room.

WOW! She has come a long way. My girl is growing!

They had one way windows where the parents could watch. I watched the whole thing (and chased Logan a few times). It was stickin' adorable!!! They sat in a circle. They kicked their legs. They stretched. The shouted "plie." They leaped. They bowed. They kicked, they ran, they giggled. Abigail jumped right in. She LOVED the tap portion and is now obsessed with tap shoes.

My girl made me proud today.

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  1. GREAT JOB Abby! I'm so happy for you. Do you have tap shoes?
    Love you,
    Auntie Becca