Disney Movies

I'm sitting here watching Tarzan with Abby. Each time we watch a Disney movie Abigail always asks a ton of questions. For example....I sat and type everything she asked me in about 4 minutes:
  • Why don't butterflies have eyes?
  • Is Logan short or tall?
  • Where is his mommy?
  • Where are his clothes?
  • Why did his mommy die?
  • Is he a girl?
  • Why?
  • He looks like a girl
  • Why did his daddy die?
  • Did they get hurt?
  • Where did the tiger hurt them?
  • Why?
  • Where is the animal mommy's baby?
  • What is that called?
  • Where are they at in the world?
  • Do they live in California?
  • What is that elephant called?
  • Is that a girl?
One theme that is always present in most Disney is death. It makes for an interesting time. Abby is really starting to focus in on death. What is it? What does it mean? How did she die? Why? etc.
We watched Lion King a few weeks ago. I fast forward the movie pasts the part where Uncle Scar kills Simba's dad. Sheesh! But Abby is starting to realize that a big chunk of the plot is missing. Oh my. She asked at least 60 questions about it.
  • Why is he sad?
  • Where is his dad?
  • Is Scar mean?
  • Why is his daddy in the sky?
  • Why did he die?
  • How did he die?
  • Why are they fighting?
When I put on Lion King I was thinking of the great songs, the animals, Africa, etc. However, the big plot in Lion King is murder. The uncle kills the daddy. That is a tough one. It is so sad to see a child's face try and understand these concepts. Often I try and breeze right over it, but Abigail is getting more clever. She knows something happened in the story and wants to understand it. I had to have the "circle of life" talk. I mean I just wanted to get some ironing done...but good ol' Disney movies always usher in the big themes; death, birth, marriage, good, evil, murder, etc.

Cinderella--"mommy what is a step mother?"

Bambi--"where did his mommy go?"

Pinocchio--"what is a lie?"

Sheesh--even Planet Earth is tough..."why do the animals bite each other?"

and the list goes on...

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  1. She is way beyond her years. Maybe you should put the Disney movies away for a while.

    Love you