Happening Quickly

Tonight I was sitting on the couch snuggling with Logan and Abby. We rented kid movies and made popcorn, so we were ready to go! The kids and I were watching Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses. Could that title be any better for my Abigail?! It is pink. There are barbies. They dance. SOLD. :)
Anyhow, Abby was watching and then looked over and said that she was going to wear a really big pretty dress when she gets married to Jared. Then she got all embarrassed. I asked her if she planned to marry Jared soon. She thought about it and then decided that she would wait a little bit because she still wanted to be with mommy and daddy.

But you know what, before I know it she'll have a ring on her finger and a different boy in her heart.

It made watching Barbie a pleasure.


  1. How sweet! How sad.
    Yeah, I look at you and you have a different boy in your heart. Wonderful. But it does go so fast. Enjoy these "moments".
    Love you

  2. so true, we gotta soak them up now. I can't believe how old weston seems this year. They are gonna be grown in a blink.