Happy Birthday Logan

To my son,

Two years ago at this very moment I was just getting to sleep, with you right next to me, after a long night of bringing you into this world. You were so small and delicate. You liked to curl into a little ball right next to me. You were my precious son.

This morning, on your 2nd birthday, you are bouncing in and out of this room. You're shoving cranberries into your mouth. You are watching cartoons and giggling at the funny parts.

You have grown into a little boy!

How did this happen so quickly?

It is an honor to by your mother. You make my heart full. You make me laugh with all of your silly antics. You make our family more carefree, more adventurous, and you keep us all on our toes, and you are becoming our little clown because you love to make people laugh! You bring us all so much joy. You are very loving and will always say, "I wuv you mommy" and wrap your arms around me with a tight hug!

Each night when I rock you before bed I pray for you. I pray over your life. I pray that you will always love God, that you will always follow Him. I pray that you will be safe and protected. I pray that God will help me be the mother that you need. I pray that you will sleep through the night. :)

Happy birthday my 2 year old boy. I am so happy and honored to be your mother for another year and accompany you through all the new adventures that await you.


  1. You made me cry! You are a beautiful Mommy. Then I cracked up when you wrote "I pray you will sleep through the night." Tee Hee
    Always a Mother's prayer!

    Happy Birthday Logan! Na Na and Pa Pa love you so much! You bring us such great joy and much laughter.