This week in the Attwood home....

I found Abigail stripped down to her undies and running through the sprinklers. It was around 50 degrees outside. cold! She has having so much fun and kept begging for a swimsuit. I let her do a few laps and them made her come inside and get warm.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows in the bathtub. Seemed like a fun idea for about 30 seconds. Then I was draining chocolate bath water out of the tub.
finding my kids under the table eating blueberries.

Providing daddy with a warm welcome everyday when he comes home. One of the best parts of the day!
Always a whole lot of dancing!
Snuggling together watching Bambie.

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  1. I love all the pictures! Dad and I laughed all day today when Abby said Logan is like Bambi... Bird..dee..Bird..dee! I really can't explain how cute that was, when Logan thought the Bird of Paradise was a bird and he was trying to say "Bird".
    Priceless... :)
    I just love the age of 3 years old.
    Thanks for the pictures!