Last night John and I, along with our best friends, attended a wedding. I did not know the bride or the groom, but John was their teacher years ago. It was my first experience going to a wedding where I did not know anyone. It was so fun! We all danced like fools for hours on end. We literally closed the wedding alongside the wedding party. haha. We danced for hours. John and I haven't danced since our wedding over six years ago. It was so much fun!! We took full advantage of our kid free night and I laughed so hard so often that my cheeks are sore. I'm only feeling a tiny bit old this morning as I hobble around drinking my coffee and caring for my pulled dancer muscles. hehe.


-My daily blessing-
A man who gives his all for his family


Cheers to ruined white shirts and painting outdoors.


Spring sprung for a week.
And then it left us.
And brought back the rain.


Once upon a time I had a baby boy.
He gazed into my eyes and I was his world.
He adored my every move.
He laugh at all my jokes.
He ate anything I put in front of him.
He agreed with every decision I made.
He never disagreed with me, for I was his mama and he knew that I knew best.

Then he turned two.

Oh boy.
Oh my boy.
Oh my sweet baby boy, where did you go?


elfless love gives us the gift of self-forgetfulness and every act of love wildly cuts us free from the noose of self-absorption.

Isn't that so true and so beautiful! Check out more at this blog....she is a beautiful writer!

Happy Valentine's Weekend to you.


She tells me that I am sick, she is my doctor, and I need to lay down on the floor. She has her wagon filled with her doctor tools. She asks me where it hurts. I tell her "my tummy." She takes a plastic hammer and pounds on my bellybutton. She puts the stethoscope on her neck and informs me that it is her heart telescope. She puts the stethoscope on my heart and then lays her head on top of it to listen. Bad news. My heart is sick. She picks up a plastic screwdriver and takes a moment to fix my heart.

She healed my legs by removing them with a plastic saw.

She uses my blush brush (been looking for that) to fix my eyes. (thank goodness it's soft)

She pauses to take a call on her purple My Little Pony phone. It was a very serious call. Mostly doctor stuff.

She asks me to please repeat her and sings, "la-la-lalala."

I repeat her song.

Bad news.

My la-la-lala is broken.

At this point I begin making an assortment of strange sounds and gurgles. She is hysterical. She cannot compose her professional self. She cannot stop belly laughing. My gurgles continue and I really take it up a notch. Her face is red and from the intensity of her laughter I'm guessing her stomach is aching her multitude of giggles. She is gasping for air. I give her a moment and then I utter another dramatic gasp. She erupts in laughter again.
And again.
And again.
Until finally she composes herself and my la-la-lala is finally repaired.

Thank goodness for that.

I am feeling much better.


-My morning blessing-
The smell of peanut butter and vicks rub.
The sound of my son pretending to be a Jedi knight.
The jedi force is very strong in him these days.

(John could not be more thrilled. Finally, boy cartoons on TV)


Slowly, like being pulled from the quiet fog of my peaceful dreamy place I hear him. My son. I know he is standing at the edge of his crib, the closest he can get to the door which will slowly open and reveal his mommy sleepily shuffling into his room. It is 5:45 on Saturday morning. I remove my warm flannel sheets, put my feet on the cold hardwood floor and move through the cold morning air. I open up his door. There he is, standing at the corner of his crib. He keeps saying "mony" which means mommy. I greet him and we have a little conversation about how it is very dark outside and it is still night-night time. "Lay down," I say. He whimpers defeat as I cover him with his soft blankets. I whisper a prayer and ask for another hour of rest.

I shut the door behind me.

As I walk back to the warmth of my bed I realize that it is raining very hard. The sound of it makes me smile. The house is dark and quiet again, except for the uncommon sound of rain as it falls from the clouds above.

Later, after the business of the morning is in full swing, I remember a verse I read this week. It is about the flood. I've heard the story of Noah at least one hundred times, yet something new caught my attention.

God told Noah...."I'm putting my rainbow in the clouds, a sign of the covenant between me and the Earth. From now on, when I form a cloud over the Earth and the rainbow appears in the cloud, I'll remember my covenant between me and you and everything living, that never again will flood waters destroy all life. When the rainbow appears in the cloud, I'll see it and remember the eternal covenant between God and everything living, every last living creature on Earth."
(Genesis Chapter 4-The Message)

Did you see it? Not only did God create a rainbow, but he tells us that he'll actually see them and remember.

I wonder how often God sees rainbows? Of all the clouds over the planet, I'm thinking that he sees his rainbows often. For us they are rare, yet for God I imagine they must be a common sight. A daily reminder of his promise to us.

Perhaps a little childish, but what a cool thought to ponder that the next time you see a rainbow, God sees that very same one.


The bathroom had a warmness to it as I stood folding laundry, listening to my son play in the bubble filled water. He was basking in the glory of playing with his sister's toys without her knowledge. His little hands were moving the ponies through the bubbles, under the water, and eventually soaring through the air and bouncing off the bathroom floor.

Fold, fold, fold. My tasks continued.

From the front room I heard my daughter belting out a made up song to the sounds of her father's guitar strumming. I take a step backward so that I can pier out of the bathroom towards the sounds of preschool songs. I see her. She has her shirt on, pink smiley faced panties (which she loves), her frilly white socks and her red sparkle shoes. She put on her fancy socks and sparkle shoes just special for the occasion of daddy's guitar strums. She stood proudly and boldly on the fireplace ledge, singing a song at the top of her small voice. Her songs are usually about ponies, rainbows, celebrations, and friendship. This one was no different.

My husband sat on the chair, fingers created various chords on the strings of his guitar. Listening to his little girl. He looked tired. I know he had a hard day and it is all resting right on his shoulders.

I am quietly happy that he picked up his guitar. This man I married is full of talents, yet most have laid dormant over the last three years as his work load and school load have placed heavy burdens on his time.

I finish my folding. I pull my son into a soft towel. He lays his head on my chest. I walk out to the front room, hoping to have a moment to snuggle my boy. My snuggling plans are pushed aside as he frees himself from the towel, picks up a tambourine and joins in the music.


Italian Parsley, Mint, and Cilantro


Lately, each day around 6pm I feel depressed. I'm not sure why? It kind of drives me nuts. I hate struggling with emotions. Typically I'm a really cheerful person. Rarely do I have to pull myself out of the muck. However, ever since I've been having odd health problems I seem to have a tenacy to feel blah. I know that all of this is something that is and will continue to bring me closer to God.

As my mom says,
"You're either in a trail, coming out of a trial, or entering a trail."

Tonight as 6pm rolled around my blah feelings returned. That is when I stumbled upon this verse. One of my forgotten favorites. I'm pretty certain that God sent it back to me today.

My own personal pep talk from the One who created the entire world.


Breakfast with my son, who was dressed as Woody (think Toy Story).