Lately, each day around 6pm I feel depressed. I'm not sure why? It kind of drives me nuts. I hate struggling with emotions. Typically I'm a really cheerful person. Rarely do I have to pull myself out of the muck. However, ever since I've been having odd health problems I seem to have a tenacy to feel blah. I know that all of this is something that is and will continue to bring me closer to God.

As my mom says,
"You're either in a trail, coming out of a trial, or entering a trail."

Tonight as 6pm rolled around my blah feelings returned. That is when I stumbled upon this verse. One of my forgotten favorites. I'm pretty certain that God sent it back to me today.

My own personal pep talk from the One who created the entire world.

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  1. It's strange because last night in the middle of the night when I woke and stayed awake for a while, this verse popped into my mind. Humm... what is the Lord speaking?
    Stay strong sweetheart! He is bringing you to Himself. I love you so much! He will bring you through this, stronger, but not in yourself, but in trusting Him. He is good and He is faithful and true.
    Love you heart and soul,