Last night John and I, along with our best friends, attended a wedding. I did not know the bride or the groom, but John was their teacher years ago. It was my first experience going to a wedding where I did not know anyone. It was so fun! We all danced like fools for hours on end. We literally closed the wedding alongside the wedding party. haha. We danced for hours. John and I haven't danced since our wedding over six years ago. It was so much fun!! We took full advantage of our kid free night and I laughed so hard so often that my cheeks are sore. I'm only feeling a tiny bit old this morning as I hobble around drinking my coffee and caring for my pulled dancer muscles. hehe.

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  1. hilarious! Glad you had a great kid free night. So good for remembering who we are, besides mommies, and that we are married to our best friends!