check this blog out. it is incredible. it has really made me think. to be honest, it have made me realize how little faith I have. I tend to plan first and pray last. Something that needs to change within me.


  1. Sometimes when I read the stories of faith like that I question my life. I feel small and pathetic. Why can't I step out and really trust and believe and have faith in Jesus like that. I really do believe that He is a big God and all we have to do is listen and step out and He will then lead.
    My prayer is that I would have more of a heart to just listen and obey.
    Thank you for sharing this blog. Challenged my heart.

  2. mom, it really made me feel the same way. This young girl is incredible! It really made me question the comfort of my life and if I could/would willingly give it all up. very thought provoking.
    this post made me really question my heart towards the poor....really really convicting...


  3. What is the Lord doing? Humm.....