I've been researching food a lot these days. I came across this article about McDonald's Chicken Nuggets. It is pretty sad that food can be so awful and completely legal to sell. Here's an article snippit....yuck....

Here's a fun fact: their "chicken" is actually, at most, 44 percent chicken. The rest is mostly corn, salt, preservatives, and a few other interesting nasties.
When someone orders chicken nuggets, it's generally understood that you're getting chicken, not corn. Unfortunately, corn is extremely abundant in this country and is easy to establish crops of in others, and so corn and corn products compose the majority of McDonalds "chicken" nuggets.
Yes, I absolutely have to use the quotation marks. Sue me.

There are 38 ingredients in the McDonalds "chicken" nuggets.

Of them: the chicken (which is fed genetically altered corn, by the way. But is that really much of a surprise?), modified cornstarch (without this, the "chicken" nuggets would not be able to hold themselves together, due to the extreme processing of the nugget.), emulsifiers (so that the fats and the moisture in the nuggets do not separate, forming a nasty clot-like knuckle of nugget.), dextrose (it's a sugar.), chicken broth (a source of moisture and some flavor that has been leeched out of the nugget by the processing of the product.).

Yellow corn starch and more modified cornstarch are added to make the batter.

Even more cornstarch is used as a filler in the nugget itself. Following that, other fillers include vegetable shortening and partially hydrogenated corn oil (a source of trans fat; particularly nasty trans fat, as well.), and citric acid (about the only even slightly natural thing about the nuggets.)

Interestingly, perhaps even moreso than the above, are ingredients actually purchased from chemical plants that go into the "chicken" nuggets.

Aluminum phosphate and calcium lactate help prevent the rancid vegetable fats in the nuggets from starting to rot visibly and starting to smell disgusting.
Dimethylpolysioxene is added to the oil to prevent starches (and, as you can see, starches aren't just present in the nuggets--they're outright abundant.) from binding.

Problem: this chemical is a carcinogen.

What's more--and you'll like this--it's actually flammable.

Tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) is derived from petroleum and is an antioxidant that is actually sprayed directly on the nugget most of the time to preserve freshness. For those of you familiar with TBHQ, it will come as no surprise to you that TBHQ is a form of butane. Butane is lighter fluid.

That's two flammable ingredients in "chicken" nuggets from McDonalds. I'm starting to suspect that McDonalds is responsible for alleged cases of spontaneous human combustion.

TBHQ is allowed in small quantities by the FDA to be used in our food. This is a good thing that it is at least limited. A single gram of TBHQ, when ingested, can induce nausea, vomiting, delirium, collapse, and worse. Three to six grams of TBHQ can, and have, killed people.

source: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/195157/exposing_mcdonalds_chicken_nuggets_pg2.html?cat=5


  1. wow... shocking... yucky...
    no more nuggets for this family.

    The more you read the more you want to cook at home, huh?

  2. That is so disgusting! No wonder everyone is dying from cancer. Thanks for informing us.
    Health is such a precious gift from the Lord. Two people have told me about a book called the Maker's Diet. I am thinking about buying it. It is about a man who was so sick and doctor's couldn't help him and so he decided to help himself and the end result was this book about food and how what we put in our body can bring health or sickness.

  3. Mom, I've read about that book and know a few people who were having health problems and then did the Maker's Diet and are completely fine. The guy who wrote it was practically on his death bed with Crohn colitis and no doctor could help him. He battled for like 6 years before he stopped all modern medicine tactics and then began to research nutrition and within 4 months he was fine. crazy! He basically combines what he eats with faith in God, etc. I've thought about purchasing it too because I'm curious to hear more. It is so interesting to learn about food and how utterly messed up it is because of money/greed/making a buck, and how very very important a healthy digestive system is.

  4. Pam was telling me that when James was diaganosed with cancer he followed the diet because it gluten free and they believe that cancer feeds on wheat/gluten products. Then at my bible study Monday night we were talking about health and diet and Leslie was telling me that she was involved in a bible study that so many people had so many different diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and in the end they were all fine and off all medication. Humm... maybe the Lord is telling me something. Love you Mom