The other day I was trying to have a conversation with my friend on the phone. What is it with kids when their mom is on the phone?? They immediately start asking for things. If nothing else, they are clever opportunist. Since I had already given fruit snacks, I refused to give any more sugar to buy a few more moments of chit chat. Abby was rummaging around the junk drawer and pulled out a bottle of bright blue liquid eyeliner. Once I painted hearts and stars on her face. I guess she remembered, eh? Before my conversation was over all three of us where painted bright blue. About 30 minutes later John came home from work, walked outside (where the kids and I were having a picnic) took a look at me and our children and just shook his head. haha. What?? So, I let our daughter paint me blue while I was talking on the phone. no biggie.

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