Yesterday i turned 32.

  • I ran around in the morning getting Abigail ready for school.
  • I only drank two sips of my coffee before I lost my cup somewhere in the house. By the time I found it I threw it out b/c it was cold. bummer.
  • I sprinted the kids into Abby's class and then out to the playground.
  • I said three prayers for Abigail. She still has moments of shyness and a difficultly letting mommy leave, so she will ask for a prayer. and another. and another. I do not mind. I love that she wants prayer. a good habit to have.
  • I took Logan to the park where I meet up with Jacqui and Carter. The boys played while we drank Starbucks--happy birthday to me!
  • I left the park, went to get Logan's hair cut. Took somethings back to Target. Shopped the $1 bin for Easter baskets.
  • Rushed to go pick up Abby. She looked soooo sick when I picked her up. watery eyes. runny nose. When my Abby gets sick it shows in her big blue eyes. I felt bad for her. She kept saying that she was not sick and she felt fine. sure.
  • Went home. Kids played. Lunch made. Naps, none. Yes Logan's present to me was yelling from his crib until I gave up on a nap and went to get him. great.
  • Took the kids for ice cream. Logan stole my mint and chip so I had to eat the cotton candy flavor. Abby informed me that she wanted mint and chip next time. noted.
  • Came home. Started dinner. Put dinner on the table. Nobody ate it. What, nobody likes fish?? I guess not. Spaghetti leftovers for them. Fish for me.
  • Abby was looking really sick by bedtime. Her checks were bright red. weird. I give her some medicine and got them settled in.
  • Logan is screaming. John discovers sand in Logan's crib. Lots and lots of sand. a mystery for sure? I just changed his sheets earlier that day. weird.
  • Abby is coughing up a storm and unable to sleep.
  • I help John with is big ol' final project thingy for is MA program.
  • I lay down on the couch.
  • I quickly relocate to bed. I have a feeling that Abby will be up a lot, so better get some type of sleep now.
  • 2am-5am Abby is up. She wants chocolate milk. She keeps coughing. I give in a give her the milk. bad mommy. tired mommy. I give her cough medicine. I lay in bed and listen to her cough. and cough. and cough. i pray that she'll feel better and get some sleep.
  • 5:03am, I am drifting back to sleep. Logan starts yelling my name. I get him some water and inform him he needs to go back to bed. I'm grateful he didn't put up a fight.
  • Currently, 8:54am and Abby is still sleeping. The first time in my life that one of my kids have slept in so late. I keep checking on her to make sure she is breathing. poor thing.
Throughout the day my mom called to sing me happy birthday. My dad called to tell me he loves me. My nephew called from Mongolia and sang me happy birthday. My sister and I had a chance to talk for a bit. My husband sent me love notes and love messages all day.

A busy day, but a blessed day.


  1. Hi! and Happy Birthday again... sounds like a very mommy birthday, glad there were prayers and starbucks tucked in there too! Love you.

  2. What a full blessed life! Glad you felt so loved and you truly are!

    Happy Birthday again to my sweet baby girl!
    Love Mom