The night Abigail turned four I had a dream. I woke up scared. A nightmare. I eventually went back to sleep and did not really think about the dream until about two days later. John and I were driving to church. Kids playing in the back of the car. Somehow the dream was in my head and so I shared it with John.

My dream....

Abby was standing frozen in the kitchen entryway. I walked in and saw a lion cub on the kitchen table. Calmly and quickly I pushed Abby behind me and we backed out of the kitchen and into the living room. I turned and there stood a big male lion. Huge teeth and a mighty mane. I knew we were in trouble. Calmly I pushed Abby to the ground and I placed my body over hers. There was no question, no second thought, only that I knew we were being hunted and I would sacrifice my body, my life, for Abigail. The claws of the lion hurt badly. Then he bit me. Two large fangs in the center of my back. I was calm. I was not really afraid, but it hurt. And then I woke up.

In church that morning our pastor was speaking about spiritual warfare. This verse was referenced:

I Peter 5:8-Stay alert!! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

The Lord spoke to my heart, and John's, that my dream was not a nightmare, but a calling. A reminder. A warning. My adversary is out there. He wants nothing more than to have my family. I believe it is real. I believe in spiritual battle. I believe, and am learning about, the power of prayer. More specifically, the power of a praying mother.

I claim my babies for the Lord. I am so grateful for this dream. It was an intense visual reminder about the realities of life here on earth. It made clear the absolute importance of a praying mother.

When I first had Abby my parents bought me the book "Every Child Needs a Praying Mom." It is written by Fern Nichlos, the founding of Moms In Touch. I have been spending time each morning reading this book and praying. It is my goal to surround my children in prayer each day of their lives. I recommend this book. So far it has provided some very practical advise about how to pray.

thanks mom and dad.

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  1. As I sit here reading your thoughts, I am thankful to God because He has poured out His loving kindness, forgiveness, grace, mercy, to me a very lost young Mom who had no idea I was even lost. Deep within my heart I knew something was wrong but until Jesus open my spiritual eyes to see I was in the enemies kingdom. He saved me radically, and my 2 precious baby daughters were saved too! I thank Jesus so much for pursuing me and giving me life eternal. Then the warfare really began for the souls of my family. Even then I had no idea but God protected us: His own, even when I didn't know my family was in danger. So now as I read your prayers, I stand in awe and thankfulness for my daughters and their families to stand in the gap for their children.
    Pa Pa and Na Na still bow our hearts in prayer for each and everyone one of you every day of our lives and will continue until we go home to be with God.
    Thank you Jesus for all you have done in our lives and continue to do.
    Love Mom