My father's hands.
They have worked very hard.
They have lifted rock, pulled weeds, clipped bushes, pruned trees, guided flowers into maximum bloom.
They have refinished wooden floors, painted hallways, hammered nails, crafted wood, laid stone.
They have moved his daughters into countless apartments in countless cities.
They have prayed.
They have prayed more.
They have held newborn babies, rocked toddlers to sleep, held small grandbabies' hands.
They have guided, directed, loved, and affirmed.
All are blessed who have encountered the work of these hands.


this is what Friday night looks like after kids.
A sleeping daddy and two kids ready for bed.
I wouldn't change a thing!


Yesterday my little chickens played with crushed ice for like two hours! How awesome is that?? Just another reason to love the sunshine.
Crushed ice.
Happy babies.


John and I have had to set a rule about no weapons in bed, but some nights I'm just too tired to enforce. Jedi Logan was very happy to sleep with his most favorite thing in the world--his light saber! This is life with a little boy I suppose.


Mr John Logan Attwood graduated with a Master's of Art degree in Organizational Leadership.
I am so proud.