My father's hands.
They have worked very hard.
They have lifted rock, pulled weeds, clipped bushes, pruned trees, guided flowers into maximum bloom.
They have refinished wooden floors, painted hallways, hammered nails, crafted wood, laid stone.
They have moved his daughters into countless apartments in countless cities.
They have prayed.
They have prayed more.
They have held newborn babies, rocked toddlers to sleep, held small grandbabies' hands.
They have guided, directed, loved, and affirmed.
All are blessed who have encountered the work of these hands.


  1. You made me cry. Good strong hands! They show all the hard hard work he has done but as rugged as they are; they are gentle and kind and loving.
    He blesses my heart and I love him so!

  2. Thanks, I love you and glad you are my baby!

    Love Dad

  3. i love this post and am so glad that I am able to read your blog again! I love you and I love our daddy... what a wonderful man!