These last few months have been hard. Without doubt, the hardest year of my life. I'm not really ready to write about it all, because I am still processing what it all is and what it all means. I have learn a whole lot, but haven't put it into words yet. I suppose it is too soon. I'm not to that lovely place of "hindsight" quite yet.
Amongst all of my trials and struggles, God has provided many wonderful moments with my family. Gosh, I love my family. I mean really really love them.
And my husband. I don't write much about him because he is so private. But let me just say that he is one incredible man and God really knew what he was doing when he lead us to each other.
Here are some pictures of our family vacation in Sedona AZ.
It was simply beautiful!
I love God's creation!


  1. I really really love my family too! Praying for full recovery! You are an amazing woman. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

    Love you Mom

  2. awesome! i love you. It is great how trials really bring us closer to one another. I love you

  3. I've been thinking about you... God is ovbiously putting you on my heart. I will continue to pray for you. Prayer for encouragement and for you to get to that "hindsight" spot - totally hear you on that. Love to you...