We moved Logan into a big boy bed this week. I also moved Abby's bed into Logan's room because they wanted to share a room. I thought it was a great idea. Now they each entertain each other until they fall asleep, and they seem to sleep in later! Yes! The only problem is nap time. Logan just plays in his new bed, but he does not sleep. Yesterday I found him like this at 5pm!! Way to late for a nap, but he just couldn't stay awake! I love that there is peanut butter smeared on his cheek. I guess his peanut butter sandwich hit the spot and make him sleepy!

While Logan cat napped Abby and I made peach crisp from all the fresh peaches from our tree.

I woke Logan up and came back to the kitchen to finish making the desert, then when I returned to the front room I found him like this. That little stinker wouldn't stay awake!

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  1. Logan is too adorable. Sleeping baby... nothing sweeter except at 5:00pm.
    Hope he sleeps tonight.
    Peaches look delicious!