I am in a women's bible study at my church. We are doing an inductive study through the book of Genesis. It is really good so far. A whole lot happened in Genesis and we're only on chapter 13! I learned something really cool last week as we were reading genealogy in chapter five. Here is the list of Hebrew names within the genealogy and their English meaning:

Hebrew name and it's English meaning
Seth -Appointed
Mahalalel-The Blessed God
Jared-Shall come down
Methusela-his death shall bring
Lamech-The despairing
Noah-Rest, or comfort.

The cool part is the meaning of the names is The Gospel hidden within a genealogy in Genesis! check it out:
Man is appointed mortal sorrow; but the Blessed God shall come down teaching that His death shall bring the despairing rest.



Laureen said...

Way cool! Love it. I am amazed at God's word. Always alive, powerful and He always shines new truth into our heart's.
Thanks for sharing. Never knew this.
Love you heart and soul,

Tundra Mom said...

that is so awesome! Love the artful crafting of God's word

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