I used to think that kids were not really that expensive. When they were babies the main expense was diapers. For both Logan and Abby I received hand-me-down clothes for their first two/three years.


Now Logan is nearly three and Abby is four and I have no more hand-me-downs. This means a few trips to Kohl's to get winter clothes, new shoes, big boy/girl undies, socks, tights, PJ's, etc. $$$$$$$$$


Abby has moved out of the picky-toddler-eating phase, and right into the she-is-hungry-all-day-and-eats-a-bunch-of-food-whenever-possible phase.

I was thinking about my grocery expenses while doing 750 dishes tonight. I thought I'd break it down....just to see....

Today Abby and Logan ate:

  • one banana .20
  • two apples .50
  • 2 cups of peanut butter pretzels 1.00
  • 8 cups of juice (bad, I know!) 1.50
  • four pieces of wheat bread 1.00
  • 3tb of peanut butter .75
  • 1 tb of honey .50
  • one piece of chicken 1.50
  • two bean burritos 2.25
  • one small french fry 1.50
  • 3 cups of strawberries 2.50
  • one pudding .60
  • one applesauce .50
  • 1/2 cup of shredded cheese .75
  • three diapers (still working on potty training Logan) .75
That's approximately $16 per day, which is about $480 per month. Sheesh...that doesn't even count special treats, Abby's chocolate milk, and the food John and I eat. My grocery bill is steadily growing....

Kids = lots of money


  1. Yep, they really are getting more expensive! I love your adding it really shows how it builds up little by little!
    Love you,

  2. Laughing out loud. I love washing the 750 dishes. You are too funny. But you are right, for being so little they eat and consume a lot!

    Miss you,