There are some mornings, as a mother, that are smooth sailing.
I'm happy, the kids are happy, and the sun is shinning.
I had one of those morning this week.
Abby painted my nails.
Green nail polish
Glitter nail polish
Pink nail polish
Purple nail polish
Hot pink nail polish
all on my nails.
Logan, Abby and I played the princess game.
To win you must be the first princess to get your necklace, crown, earrings, rings, and bracelet.
Very complicated stuff.
Abby won all four games.
She's a princess game shark.
We painted.
We played.
We had fun together.

Then there are mornings like today.
The kids were yelling "mama!" from their beds at 5am.
It is still dark outside!!
Go back to bed NOW!
"I want chocolate milk" Abby says
"I want music"
"I want juice"
I return to bed.
I lay there.
I'm irritated.
I cannot go back to sleep.
Minutes tick by.
I hear the Tangled soundtrack blaring from Abby's room.
Logan is saying, "mommy" over and over
and over.
I am angry.
I want to sleep.
It is hopeless.
Then pitter patter little feet enter my room.
"I want to watch a movie."
I get up.
I put on Nemo.
I turn around.
There's my son, with poop all over himself.
I investigate the situation.
Wipes will not do this job.
To the bath he goes.
He is angry.
He wants Nemo, not a bath.
I am angry.
I want sleep, not a poop covered Logan.
I clean the boy.
Give him new clothes.
A clean diapers.
I walk by his room.
There it is.
A poop covered bed.
Poop on Buzz Lightyear
on pillows
on sheets
on Star War toys
On stuffed animals.
Now it is 7:30.
Hot laundry is a-going
Clean boy is a-playing
Sassy Abby is a-coloring
Mommy is a-drinking ...coffee... not the hard stuff.


  1. Wow! What a morning. Those are the ones that make a mommy never want to get out of bed and face a stinky day.
    You are a good mommy. Keep on chuggin that coffee.

  2. Oh sweetheart, my heart is with you. It's so hard to be Mommy sometimes. It is the best of times, it is the worst of times.
    This too will pass! Hang in there sweetie.

    Loving you, Mom