Happy Mother's Day to me!!


Tonight my Abby asked me if we would get wings when we die. I told her that we might, since angels are mentioned in the bible. She asked what heaven looked like. So--to the bible we went. I read her the end of Revelations....

streets made of gold that is translucent
12 gates with pearls
no night
always bright with God's glory
no tears
no bad things
no sickness
a beautiful river of life flowing from God's throne

She was so in awe. Than she asked if there would be spankings in heaven, to which I giggled and told her no. Then she asked if we would throw up in heaven. I laughed again and told her no. An hour later we were saying bedtime prayers. She thanked God for Nana's daddy who is already in heaven (we talked about that earlier since we were reading my bible from when I was a little girl and my Pop Pop gave it to me). Then Abby told thanked God for heaven and told Him that she was excited to go there one day.

I cannot explain how much my little 3 and 5 year old children minister to my heart. Their hearts are so pure and I just adore them.