Interesting thoughts and recent learning about the Sabbath:

  • The sabbath is a weekly test for anxious people
  • God is saying to us, "I am the Creator God who will care for your needs"
  • Observing the sabbath creates a rhythm in our week providing an opportunity to rest
  • God is essentially saying, "you will do this because I rested on the Sabbath, and you will do it because I continue to be at work on your behalf on the Sabbath."
  • Worry and fear are about danger, perceived needs, and being out of control. By incorporating the Sabbath into the normal rhythm of life He give us weekly opportunities to say, "you, God, are in control, and I will practice trusting you by honoring your Sabbath and resting today."
This last Sunday was the first time I tried to "sit still" and observe the Sabbath. I did not do so hot. I did laundry, vacuumed, ironed, and dishes. It was a failed first attempt. I don't think that observing the sabbath is necessarily about not doing housework-but more about finding a spirit of rest and connecting with God, thanking Him for all He does for me. It is about teaching my soul and my mind to "sit still."

I'll keep at it.