Carter and Logan John.
These two are inseparable.
They are best buds and have the privilege of spending their days together.
Carter must do everything that Logan does. I mean everything.
If Logan has a hat on, Carter must have a hat.
If Logan has on shorts, well than Carter needs shorts too.
Logan practically potty trained Carter. Logan goes pee-pee in the potty, well Carter decided he would too.
Everyday the ask to come to each others house.
They rarely fight.
They play hard and get along seamlessly.
They are so boy!

I was talking to a woman at church who has two boys. She said that she and her husband were trying to keep the gun play to a minimum until an older man at our church, with three grown sons, told her to knock it off. He told her that boys need to have the "bad guys" to battle and conquer. It is how they have been created by God.

The battle between good and bad guys is fierce here in the Attwood home. And I love it.

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