Attwood Weekend Update:

To John's utmost horror, Logan entertained us all by dancing to Cinderella in a tutu.

Then the dancing turned into a wrestling match over who could stand on Cinderella's castle. I believe it calmed John's nerves when Logan tackled his sister so that he could stand on the castle. Apparently tackle ballet is much more manly.

In other news, Abby wrote her name on all of my cutting boards with permanent marker. Wheew! What.a.load.off. I mean, that is such a relief. What if I misplaced those suckers? or if someone tried to take them....no chance cutting board robber....these are OURS!


My Abby girl is leading worship on Thursdays in chapel. Yesterday they had an all worship chapel to celebrate an "attitude of gratitude!" She lead songs up front and did awesome! i am so blessed by this young lady. ♥