My days seem so hectic lately. For example, here is a snapshot of my morning. things to remember.....
  • $5 in an envelop with Abby's name on it, needs to be delivered to teacher so that she'll get her Christmas t-shirt
  • $10 in envelop for Abby's worship group t shirt
  • Preschool jingle bell day--must fasten jingle bells to Logan somehow so that he can participate in the fun.
  • Crazy Christmas Clothes day for kindergarten--must somehow fashion some type of "crazy" Christmas clothing for Abby so that she can participate.
  • Lunch for Logan, but no snack. Logan will eat tuna but only with pickles. will not drink milk. will only drink juice.
  • Snack for Abby, but no lunch. Abby will eat tuna without pickles. will not drink juice. will only drink milk.
  • Wrapped book for Logan's friend for the preschool book exchange
  • Three pieces of artwork for Abby's book buddy--needs to be turned in today
  • Must bring laptop to work.
  • It is half-day for elementary--must remember to bring crayons and books in case Abby ends up sitting in my office.
  • earphones for Abby's computer class
  • Juice boxes for Logan's Christmas Party
  • Christmas sprinkles for Abby's Cookie Christmas Party
  • Dress rehearsal for Abby's Christmas play
  • Plumbers to be here for shower--7:45am
  • Buy stamps
  • Pick up prescription
  • and on and on.....

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