The projects continue!

Here's the last few weeks:


Moving in day

We did it!! We are officially moved in. I am completely exhausted, but happy to be in a home of our own. Once we get settled, we'll finish some projects that did not get completed prior to move in. Slow and steady wins the race. 😃


Third weekend of labor

This weekend we ripped up carpet, knocked out wood flooring and jack hammered tile. We drywalled and painted.


Remodel: 2nd weekend

We worked in the house for about 21 hours this weekend. I am tired! I now realize what a huge project this house was. It will be great, but...wow, I'm a tiny bit overwhelmed. Here's some pics.

We picked wood grain tile to put in bathrooms, kitchen, living and family room, hallway and entry way.  I wheeled and dealed and talked the guy down to 2.25 per sq. ft. for this tile.  I will look like hardwood, but be extremely durable. :)
Abby took pick of backyard/sideyard
the ceilings are scrapped.  Boy, those revealed beams are so pretty, but such a pain in the tush!
Below is a pic of one of the doorways framed in to become a wall. We knocked out a wall in between two bedrooms to create a master bedroom.
Sausage egg mcmuffin break
Abby's room/closet.  first to be painted.  looks really cheerful and bright!
Nana, the best painter in the west! Painting the bathroom.
Kid Corner.  They are being troopers!
Hallway, carpet pulled up and ceiling scrapped and ready to be painted.
Another pic of our tile...without the grout, so it won't have the white.
The kitchen. oh.the.kitchen.  We spent 13 hours taking off all hardware, and all doors and drawers.  Then we did step one of four for the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation.  Step one was to degloss.  My wrists still hurt. Even my fingers hurt as I type.  It was a lot of work.  This pic is day two, step two, when we began applying the base coat.  We have to do two coats, then a gloss, and last is a protective layer.  LOTS OF WORK!!! But knew looking cabinets for $80. not bad.
Abby's room is the first to be painted. It loooks 100% times better.  We will lay carpet last.
Workstation in backyard.
This is a picture of the header that was added to the new master bedroom.  Thanks to Kent Drinkwater, the most generous contractor who saved our tush for free.  what an incredible blessing he and dad were!  This project took about 25 hours!!!!!
A closet framed in and ready to be drywalled.