Happy 4th Birthday to my silly little monkey Logan John!

This little boy wears life.

He is loud, funny, loving, comedic, and goofy.

He loves fishing, fishing catelogs, fishing poles and, of corse, fish.

He loves troopers and star wars and guns.

He loves power rangers.

He loves football.

He loves to wrestle and tackle.

He loves to pray.

He loves to be with his friends.

He is charmer.

He is a flirt.

He is the class clown.

He steals the hearts of those around him.

He has mine.

Abby was such a great big sister. She helped with the whole party. She was never once jealous or sad that she did not recieve presents. What a sweet girl she is.
The cake Abby and I made for Logan.

It incorporated all his favorite things: fishing, troopers, lizards, and power rangers. and his favorite colors--green and blue.


Heading out to play in the rain before his party.

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  1. I so love this little boy! I am amazed that God makes children so different and just so perfect. Logan has the most adorable, funny, precious, personality. He is Logan John Attwood, never to be duplicated. He is priceless, and just fills our lives with so much love and joy. Happy Birthday Logan John Attwood. 2012 Love Nana and Papa