Well, after two weeks it is back to work and school. Although it was absolutely wonderful to have time with the Mr. and our kiddos--my two weeks was mostly spent cleaning.

Here's how it went down:

Cleaning round #1--
I'm sitting at the table with the kids when, from the corner of my eye, I think I see something scurry across the baseboard. Oh gag. Is it a mouse? Or worse....a rat? This calls for an immediate trip to Walmart to purchase traps and bleach. Lots of bleach.
We caught three mice.
Our son was intrigued.
"so cute" he said.
"can we keep them?" he asked.
Our ever cautious daughter was terrified of the mouse traps.
"will they get me?" she asked
"can I walk in the room?" she questioned?
My husband disposed of the "cute" little bodies.
Well, I bleached.
I scrubbed.
I washed.
I bleach again....just to be sure.

Cleaning round #2-

Christmas day.
Memories made.
Children squealing in delight.
Wrappings everwhere.
Food cooking.
Guests eating.
Kids playing.
Grateful hearts.
Happy family.

The day after Christmas.
Wrappings everywhere.
Toys everywhere.
Art supplies.
Tree needles.
Lights still twinkling.
The children playing.
The hubby napping.
I'm stuffing wrappings into bags.
Taking out trash.
Washing cups.
Reorganizing toys and bedrooms.
Hanging up clothes.
Taking down lights.
Packing away manger scenes.

Cleaning adventure #3

This one is a dosey.
Itchy head
Memories of the notice sent home from Kindergarten,
"check your child's head--we have lice...."
and confirmation.
we have lice.
Heebie Jeebies.
Go to Walgreens
Spend over $100 on materials
Go to Sprouts
Spend more $ on natural remedies
Tell my girl that it is okay.
And it is.
Then round three begin.
Wash, dry, dry, fold
Wash, dry, dry, fold
and on
and on

I am still astounded at the responsibility that comes with children.
They are so much work.
Worth it of course.
But....boy....for me, this job is not possible without God.
This is when my relationship with Him is just real.
No fancy prayers.
No perfectly carved out quiet time.
Just me begging for strength while picking out lice.
Cannot get more real than that!
And He is always faithful.
He gets me through.


  1. Reading this, I had to laugh, Shauna! A few summers ago, we were on a family vacation in a cabin in northern Minnesota. My hubby and me, our four kids, and his mom and sister and her hubby. The second or third day in we noticed lice on my youngest. To make a long story shorter, all bedding went to the town laundromat, and we spent the rest of the vacation (and another week after returning home) treating and picking out the little buggers. What a vacation! We do have treatment pictures that are quite funny though. Oh, and mice are a constant problem in our house. Thankful to connect with you today!

  2. Oh, my goodness! So sorry you had to go through all that! We currently have seen droppings in our basement that signal mice or rats! I had to smile when your son said that the mice scurrying through were cute! Love your big picture outlook. So encouraging and beautiful. (P.S. I live in "sunny California" too!) :)

  3. What about the ring???!!!! Did you win it on ebay? So glad to know you have a blog!

  4. I found you through your (in)courage article - which I loved, by the way! - and now I can identify with this post, too. Thank goodness we did not have lice over Christmas (but I had friends who did!) but it did involve lots of cleaning. I like how you bring it all back to God, and how He helps us with everything, even the scrubbing. Great post.

  5. You amaze me with your words. Touching my heart everytime. You just nail your thoughts and feelings and always bring it back to God. Love you and may your have some rest a least for a while!

  6. Great post. Where in California do you live. We are moving to Simi Valley the end of Feb.