Last weekend we....

Dumped warm laundry on the kids

Ate some ice cream

Watched movies together

Ate some pancakes

(that's my night owl above. she wakes up slllooowww like her mama)

Went to the park with sports gear and baby gear


Bertha the Trout


Her heart is fearful like mine and it makes me afraid.

Will she have to carry the burden of fear also?

I hug her as she cries.

I tell her that I too am afraid often,

and that I too was also afraid of the dark.

of the movies.

of the scary things in life.

of the possibilities of bad things happening.

She shakes.


Her hands cover her ears.

She does not want me to speak aloud about what scares her.

My heart aches.

I know the feelings she is experiencing.

I want to click a button and take it away.

I want to talk with her like an adult to explain how monsters are not real.

Yet, here she is.

My daughter.

Very afraid.

Five years old with a very tender heart.

I tell her that we must pray.

We must talk to Jesus.

He is the one who keeps her safe.

He is our protector.

He saves.

We pray.

When daddy comes home we pray again.

Logan prays for her too.

"Jesus, help sissy not be afraid"

I share with her my weapon used to battle fear.

Worship music.

"When we sing praises to Him

voices loud,

hearts broken,

honesty and humble before Him.

He will hear.

Our hearts will feel better."

The worship music fills the room.

We lay, we sing, we pray.

Slowly her hands come off of her ears.

Her fear lessens.

By bedtime she is happy again.

Feeling safe in her home.

With her dad's promise of protection.

With the seed planted of how to overcome fear.

It is hard to remain utterly fearful while worshiping our Creator.