While walking to our car across the elementry campus,
my daughter informed me that she could not be friends with a few girls in her class because they are cheerleaders and, "mom" she said, "you can only be their friend if you are a cheerleader" my daughter causally informed me.

At the time, my sweet shy daughter was five years old.
In kindergarten.
At a private Christian school.

How is this happening already I thought to myself? 
I thought these things began in 6th grade, not kindergarten. 
Then I spotted the cheerleaders.
In their cheering uniforms.
With special socks and shoes.
And prom-like fancy hair.
The exclusive club already if full swing.

I look down at my girl.
My heart feels an ache.
The ache is produced by the knowledge of what she is up against.
Not with cheerleaders alone, but with the business of growing up.
It is a tough business.
At times fun,
but with a heavy serving of confusion.

This stage of mothering has ushered me toward a walk down memory lane.

What do I remember from Kindergarden?
Was I scared? nervous? shy?
Was I aware of boys?
Were girls mean?
Bras, periods, etc.
And ultimately, when did I feel that my childhood was over?

I think I will begin exploring these topics on my blog. 
Stay tune...


My Abby turned six on Easter Sunday. 
She can almost tie her shoe.
She can write words; sentences even!
She can run to class on her own.
She can do math.
She can do the swings all by herself and sore high up in the sky.
She can tell jokes.
Get dressed.
Help with the dishes.
She can make friends.
Resolve conflict without my help.
Help her brother.
She can pray and sing praises.
She can say hello without hiding behind my leg. (most of the time)
She can sing, memoize verses, read book, and play video games.
She is six.

She is 1/3 of the way grown. 
I have mothered her for 1/3 of her childhood.
I have this distict memory of walking her up and down our hallway when she was a newborn. 
She would cry and I would get out of bed and walk my Abby.
I could hold her entire body with one of my arms.

Now she is six,
with three lose teeth,
nobby knees,
bright blue eyes,
an inquizative mind,
and a very sensitive heart towards God, and
I can hardly carry her anymore.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!


A few nights ago Abby asked me, "mom, what did it look like before there was an earth or humans or planets--when it was just God?"

GEEZE! This girl is such a profound thinker already!!

I told her that I do not know. She told me that when she gets to heaven she will ask God. I told her that that was a great idea. Then she asked me, "what does God's voice sound like?" I told her that His voice is kind. Then she thought about it and said, "yeah, mom. I think it is like really deep but very kind."

And it made me think. What a wonderful question to be bouncing around my kindergardeners head! Ever since they were babies I have prayed over them at night. One of my prayers is "Lord let them know your voice and follow you forever." Looks like God is at work. Isn't He wonderful?