A few nights ago Abby asked me, "mom, what did it look like before there was an earth or humans or planets--when it was just God?"

GEEZE! This girl is such a profound thinker already!!

I told her that I do not know. She told me that when she gets to heaven she will ask God. I told her that that was a great idea. Then she asked me, "what does God's voice sound like?" I told her that His voice is kind. Then she thought about it and said, "yeah, mom. I think it is like really deep but very kind."

And it made me think. What a wonderful question to be bouncing around my kindergardeners head! Ever since they were babies I have prayed over them at night. One of my prayers is "Lord let them know your voice and follow you forever." Looks like God is at work. Isn't He wonderful?

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  1. Yes He is! Priceless! I love Abigail so much! She is such an amazing little girl. Thanks for sharing.