My Abby turned six on Easter Sunday. 
She can almost tie her shoe.
She can write words; sentences even!
She can run to class on her own.
She can do math.
She can do the swings all by herself and sore high up in the sky.
She can tell jokes.
Get dressed.
Help with the dishes.
She can make friends.
Resolve conflict without my help.
Help her brother.
She can pray and sing praises.
She can say hello without hiding behind my leg. (most of the time)
She can sing, memoize verses, read book, and play video games.
She is six.

She is 1/3 of the way grown. 
I have mothered her for 1/3 of her childhood.
I have this distict memory of walking her up and down our hallway when she was a newborn. 
She would cry and I would get out of bed and walk my Abby.
I could hold her entire body with one of my arms.

Now she is six,
with three lose teeth,
nobby knees,
bright blue eyes,
an inquizative mind,
and a very sensitive heart towards God, and
I can hardly carry her anymore.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

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  1. I know you already cherish Abby as she is growing up so fast, you cherish her time as a little girl. You are a wise Mommy. :) Abby is so precious and you can see the areas to already be praying for her. Wisdom..... a great gift from God. Enjoy each day and embrace her future. She is a lovely little girl, she has a heart go God and He is already using her to share Himself with her little girlfriends!! Amazing, Abby is priceless!! Thanks for sharing. xoxox Mom