A Father's Day Poem for John

God gave us a smart little girl and a silly little boy,
I can see in your eyes, they bring you so much joy.

Our children are blessed by your disciple and love,
You're always present, drawing your strength from above.

Teaching them God's love, His word, and His promises,
All the while I stand watching, so proud to by your Mrs.

Gentle yet firm, you guide and direct,
Guiding them as they develop their intellect.

Fancy Nancy, Starwars, fishbooks, and baby dolls,
Art, sword fighting, reading books, OU football.

I love to watch you be their dad,
it makes my heart so very glad.

So today we say, "not too shabby!"
With love,
Shauna, Logan, and your girl Abby.

1 comment:

  1. I love this poem. You are so talented! I posted last night but it's not here so just want you to know I look forward to new posts. You need to have a book of poems. You are amazing!!