Home Depot

I took the kids to buy some flowers and tomato plants today. Abby wrote a detailed list of what she was looking for. Logan had this look while shopping. Ha! I love their different reactions to shopping. They make me giggle.


Kitchen countertops

I love it!!!!!!



March 16th 2013 = my 35th birthday

We spent the day eating picnics in the backyard on a big blanket in the spring sunshine.  We went on a bikeride.  We ate dessert first and dinner second. (Abby was so beyond thrilled for that) The kids wrote me thee most special cards--I'll have to post a pic.  They were wonderful.  We watched a family movie at night. Oh and I got a ring!!!!!  Happy Day. ♥


A bit of an obsession...

I have this thing were I take pics of my kids when they sleep. They are just so precious and I cannot help myself.


Logan turns five!!!

My little boy is five and likes to remind me that he is not a baby anymore. **sniff

Logan and Carter

Gracie, Abby and Carter riding scooters! 

Loving on each other

Cheers to Logan John!

Silly face pic....because that 's the only way the first graders would participate. :)

Pinata time!

Logan takes a swing!

The crew waiting for the pinata to burst!

The cake



Logan making his wish. :)♥

i ♥ my boy